EMSOpedia, the World’s first Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Encyclopedia

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) is a (physical) domain in which, from which and through which all military, military-supported and asymmetric missions are performed. After air, land and sea, the electromagnetic spectrum has become a key enabler for cyber warfare and space activities too. Moreover, the civilian and military worlds are increasingly converging in the electromagnetic spectrum. The global economy is dependent on the spectrum in more ways than one can imagine.

The EMSOpedia is an “open encyclopedia” which aims to encapsulate the main knowledge on Electromagnetic Support Operations (EMSO). It will become an important and valuable heritage for the international scientific community, armed forces and all those with an interest in EMSO across the globe, demonstrating how electromagnetic support operations work across the air, land, sea, space and cyber domains.

The EMSOpedia is unique. There is no other initiative using its broad taxonomic structure which also depicts the myriad of interconnections between EMSO’s various topics.

No commercial marketing activities are promoted by the project whose aim remains purely scientific. The ambition is to grow the EMSOpedia overtime via contributions from external qualified contributors, authorized by the Scientific Committee governing the EMSOpedia. It is free, and is a collaborative working and consultation tool, stimulating research and debate by connecting worldwide experts from the private sector, the armed forces, the media, professional associations and academia.

Elettronica is promoting this project whose aim has been summarised by Mr. Enzo Benigni, Elettronica’s President and CEO: “Today, 70 years after its establishment, Elettronica is a global and integrated Defence, Security and Cyber Group. We have always invested in research and development to maintain our market position and to predict future threats. We are heavily involved in the evolution of Electronic Warfare into Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations. For this reason, to celebrate our 70th birthday, we wanted to collate all our knowledge in the EMSOpedia and share it with the global defence community, as a way of saying thank you for the help the company has received from so many of its stakeholders, institutions, armed forces, academia, and suppliers”.