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Daniele Buzi


Daniele Buzi was born in Rome in 1984. He graduated Bachelor and
Master Degrees in Physics and Astrophysics both from University of
Rome “La Sapienza”. He obtained his PhD in Astronomy,
Astrophysics and Space Science at University of Rome “La
Sapienza”, focusing on Cosmology and Optical instrumentation for
space observations.

He is author and co-author of more 15 papers. He
is currently a System Engineer in the Electro-Optics / Infrared
Product Line at the Elettronica SPA, where he is involved in the
design and development activities of a Solid State Laser Units for
DIRCM system in the Aircrafts' IR Self Protection Suites context.

Previously He worked as optical designer of electro-optical and
satellite systems for defence and space applications in the optical
design department of Leonardo Selex Galileo in Florence.

Laser Warning System